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Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme Quiz!

Can you track down a high score on this epic Roblox Hide and Seek quiz? Count to ten and test your knowledge here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 13th 2022

Everyone knows how to play hide and seek, but not like this! The game we're talking about is one of the best on Roblox - but how much do you really know about Hide and Seek Extreme? You'll need to be a real expert to get full marks on this one!

Ready to test your Roblox skills? Yes? Then let's get quizzing!

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Who made Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme?


If the seeker finds all the players except one, who wins?


What does glue do?


Who can put down cameras?


Which one of these is NOT a location in the game?

@itsfunneh | youtube

Where is ItsFunneh hiding in this screenshot?

@Roblox | Twitter

What does Tim7775's avatar look like? Click to reveal!


The workshop has buckets in in it. True or false?


The attic has a wasps nest in it. True or false?


How long does the seeker stay frozen for?

Roblox | Robox Corporation

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Roblox | Robox Corporation

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