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Roblox Horse Valley Quiz!

Hay you! Quit foaling around and see if you can get full marks on this gallopingly good gaming quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 3rd 2023

Love Roblox? Like horses? Then you're probably already a huge fan of the Roblox game Horse Valley! You can breed, train and race horses - and spend your days on the ranch uncovering the Valley's many mysteries. But how well do you really know this epically equestrian Roblox game?

Let's get on with the mane event (lol) and find out!


Who made Horse Valley?


What horse do you get at the start?

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Which of these is NOT a real food for horses in the game?


What's a hybrid?


What are the 4 stats?


Where can you change the horse's colours?


What happens when a horse's hygiene level gets really low?


Where can you buy an Arabian horse?


How much does it cost to get all your horse stats back to 100% at the Animal Clinic?

10/10 A unicorn

There are unicorns in Horse Valley. True or false?

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Oh dear! Well this is embarrassing! You'd better play a bit more Roblox Horse Valley and have another go at this quiz... let's hope you can score a bit higher next time. And don't worry - we have lots more Roblox quizzes to try if you don't fancy it!

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Nice! This is a decent score! You definitely know a few things about Horse Valley. You missed out on some right answers - do you know which ones? Have another go if you want to score higher next time, or just try a different Roblox quiz! We have loads to choose from!

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Yeeees! Great work! What an amazing score! You really do know your stuff! Well done. Unfortunately you didn't quite manage 100%... but near enough. Can you beat this score on a different Robox quiz? Let's find out!

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Amazing! This is the perfect score! They said it couldn't be done... but you did it! Well done. Now, can you match this 10/10 score on a different Roblox quiz?