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10 Question Roblox The Apartment Quiz!

Play our spooky Roblox the Apartment Quiz before it’s too late!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 20th 2022

Have you been invited to Room 705 yet? Many have, but few have returned. Why is this? What secret does the apartment hold? How much do you know about Roblox The Apartment? After this quiz has frightened the life out of you, try our 11 Question Roblox Murder Mystery Quiz! or our Roblox Genshin Impact: How Much Do You Know? quiz or our 11 Question Roblox Kingdom Life II Quiz! Basically we’ve got a whole ton of Roblox content just for you!

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What genre game is Roblox: The Apartment?

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What room are you looking for in The Apartment?


Who designed the map for The Apartment?


What sound does the baby make?


What do the lights constantly do in The Apartment block?


6/10 What colour are the walls in the Apartment block?

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Which of these sounds would you hear in The Apartment?


What year was The Apartment created?


How many players can play the apartment at once?

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What’s this creepy shadow?

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Coward! Looks like The Apartment is too scary for you. You didn’t even get to level one!

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Level 3. You managed to pluck up enough courage to go up some stairs but a combination of flickering lights and weird noises was too much for you!

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Not Bad. You got to level six before mysterious lurking shadows frightened you half to death. Try again to make the seventh floor!

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You are very brave. You made it to room 705. But will you ever return?