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Robot Celebrities: Exposed!

We think celebs are secretly robots - here's the proof!

It’s 2018 – robots are everywhere! It just makes sense that celebs are actually robots. There’s no way Donald Glover can be the voice of Marshall Lee on Adventure Time, space smuggler Lando Calrission in Solo: A Star Wars Story AND famous rapper, Childish Gambino, all at the same time! He must be some kind of super computer.
And Emma Watson – no human can be that great! Ronaldo must have downloaded those sick football skills from the internet. It’s the only answer! We’ve suspected Little Mix are awesome singing robots from a while – Shout out to my .EXE!
Not all robots are great though. Simon Cowell is a prime example of a machine programmed for evil. I mean, there’s a reason he’s so obsessed with Storm Troopers. Also Trump is definitely a horrid clump of wires – he just needs a reboot!

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