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10 Rollercoaster Facts That'll Make You Shout Whee!

Buckle up for some thrilling facts about rollercoasters around the world!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  August 22nd 2022

What's more exciting than a ride on a rollercoaster? Some blam facts about them! While Phil E.S. Dogg queues up for ANOTHER go on Beanoland's best – and only – rollerocaster, we've unearthed some trivia to think about the next time you do a loop the loop!

1. The first rollercoaster was built over 130 years ago!

In the summer of 1884, this rollercoaster was opened to the public on Coney Island, in Brooklyn, New York. It was designed by LaMarcus Thompson and reached speeds of 6 miles an hour, yet proved to be very popular with thrill seekers who wanted to go as fast as a a person running for the bus.

2. The world's fastest rollercoaster is in Abu Dhabi!

The Formula Rossa ride is in the United Arab Emirates. Riders must wear protective goggles as it reaches speeds of 149 miles per hour, which must feel like being on a rocket. Beanoland's rollercoaster is almost as fast when the wind is right.

3. The smallest rollercoaster is 2 metres high!

Tusenfryd - Dvergbanen
@thraexcoaster | YouTube

If huge drops and hair-ruffling speeds aren't your thing, you could visit Tusenfryd, an amusement park at Vinterbro, Norway. It's home to the world's smallest railway which is called Teeny-Weeny. It's 2 metres high, seats 8 riders and is all over in 16 seconds. Very relaxing!

4. The highest rollercoaster stands 139 metres tall!

Kingda Da

This rollercoaster is called Kingda Ka and can be found at the Six Flags park in Jackson, New Jersey. It can reach a speed of up to 128 miles per hour in just over three seconds and riders will experience a drop of 127 metres! Don't go on this ride if you've just had a sandwich.

5. China currently has the most rollercoasters in the world!

In 2019, it was revealed that China has more rollercoasters than anywhere else in the world, coming in with 1518 rides across the country. The United States of America is currently second with 826. Beanotown has one rollercoaster.

6. The world's longest wooden rollercoaster is in the USA!

The Beast is a rollercoaster at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. When it opened in 1979, it was famous for being the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden rollercoaster in the world and remains a popular attraction over 40 years later!

7. The longest steel coaster is in Japan!

The Steel Dragon 2000 can be found at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan. It measures 2479 metres and takes four minutes to complete the ride, although it will feel much, much quicker! The rollercoaster at Beanoland is much shorter than the Steel Dragon 2000, but just as exciting as you can see most of Beanotown from the top! The rollercoaster doesn't look like the image above – it's blam Japanese wave art!

8. The biggest rollercoaster in the UK is called the Big One!

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is home to The Big One, the biggest rollercoaster in the UK! It was built in 1994 and has a scary 62 metre drop and riders can hurtle around the track at 85 miles per hour. Best to have an ice cream after you've been on this one!

9. There are over 5500 rollercoasters in the world!

According to the Roller Coaster Census Report, the total number of roller coasters across the globe is 5583! This includes each type of steel and wooden ride, which includes: sit down, inverted, suspended, wing, flying, stand up, bobsled and pipeline. The actual number is 5584, if you include the one at Beanoland!

10. A famous rollercoaster designer suffered from motion sickness!

American Ron Toomer was a mechanical engineer and was the brains behind 93 rollercoasters, including The Big One in Blackpool! Even though he created fast, exciting rides, he suffered from motion sickness and only went on them occasionally, saying "I've ridden enough to know what they are like." Fair enough.