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20 Question Rosanna Pansino Quiz!

How much do you know about this YouTube cake wizard? Take this sweet quiz and test your trivia!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 28th 2023

Good luck!


What kind of videos does Rosanna make?


What's the name of her cooking series?


Which of these TV shows has Rosanna appeared on?


How tall is Rosanna?


Where does Rosanna live?


Which Streamy award has Rosanna been nominated for?


What was the name of Rosanna's dog?


What was the name of her song?


Which of these careers did Rosanna once consider?

10/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

In which North American city was Rosanna Pansino born?

11/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

In which month was she born?

12/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

As of July 2, 2020, how many views have her videos had on YouTube?


Rosanna released a cookbook in 2015. What is it called?

14/20 Rosanna Pansino on a Netflix baking show

In 2019, she appeared as a guest judge on a Netflix baking show. What was the show called?

15/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

Her boyfriend Mike Lamond works with her on her YouTube show. What's his nickname?

16/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

Speaking of dogs, the couple got a new puppy in 2020. What is the dog's name?

17/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

If a copy of the Beano measures 1cm high, what is Rosanna's height in comics?

18/20 Rosanna Pansino
@rosannapansino | Instagram

What is Rosanna's most popular YouTube video called?


In which year did Rosanna begin making videos on YouTube?

20/20 A pop singer

Rosanna is a classically trained singer. True or false?

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@rosannapansino | Instagram

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