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The Ultimate Rose Lavelle Quiz!

Do you think you know everything about USA soccer star Rose Lavelle? Take this awesome football quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 22nd 2024

If you're a fan of women's soccer, we bet you can't wait for the FIFA Women's World Cup this summer! A player to keep an eye on is USA midfield dynamo Rose Lavelle. See if you're her biggest fan with this tough trivia quiz! 

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1/10 A woman and map of USA

Where was Rose born?

2/10 Tactics being drawn on a whiteboard

What position does she play?


3/10 For which team did she make her professional debut?

4/10 A football TV show

What year did Rose make her senior team international debut?

5/10 Sad football fans

Which team was it against?

6/10 Rose Lavelle and a stack of Beano comics

If a Beano is 1cm high, how tall is Rose?

7/10 A cheeky gold medal surrounded by splats

She scored a goal for the USA in the 2020 Olympics. What medal did they win?

8/10 A question mark on a football shirt

She currently plays for OL Reign. What number is on her shirt?

9/10 A bulldog puppy

Rose has a pet bulldog. What is her name?

10/10 Two football fans

Which WSL team did she play for during 2019-21?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! You missed an open goal there! Not the result you wanted? Have another go or try another one of our 100s of quizzes on!

Result: Nice try

Nice try! A tough day on the pitch, right? You knew some of the answers but not enough to make an impact on the pitch. Have another go!

Great job

Great job! You know a fair bit about Rose Lavelle, don't know you? You just missed out from getting a perfect score by having another go for that trivia goal. Have another go!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a Rose Lavelle know-all and got a perfect score! Why not try another one of our quizzes and see how you do there!