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Rubber Chickens’ First Day of High School!

Even screaming rubber chickens have to start school some time...

So they’ve been on summer holidays like the rest of us but now it’s time to buckle down and go back to school. Scary right? Especially if you’re starting a new one, or if it’s your first year of high school! 

Well rubber chickens and Beano are here to show you that going back to school or starting a new one doesn’t have to be so stressful. Look how these guys handle it! They may be screaming but that’s literally the only noise they can make. 

Watch the rubberised chickens get very, very, lost trying to find their new classroom, then getting involved in some awesome new lessons. On their lunch break they make new friends with a rubber duck they see sitting alone, and while the amount of homework the chickens have to do has increased, they know that being organised is the key to success. 

We made this video with the help of our friends over at the charity Young Minds. They have loads of life advice that works best for humans rather than rubber chickens. 

Visit Young Minds for help and guidance with mental health or if you just need a little support: ​