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Christmas Songs: The Invasion of Rubber Chickens!

Rubber Chickens cause mayhem everywhere they go... and at Christmas it's no different. Here they are invading (and improving) lots of Christmas music videos!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… the table is set for dinner, the decorations are up and the presents are under the tree. But then… there’s a knock at the door! Rubber chickens have arrived to join in with all the fun!

And you probably know this already, but rubber chickens are always up to mischief and at Christmas, it’s no different. 

Grab one rubber chicken, stir in some classic Christmas tunes, sprinkle on the tinsel and you’ve got a recipe for… disaster! But on the plus side, you might even catch a rubber chicken playing the saxophone!

Want to squawk along to these festive tunes with the rubber chickens? Yes? Then watch NOW!