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Ruby Bridges Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

How much do you know about the bravest schoolgirl in US history? Take this quiz and put your black history skills to the test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 12th 2022

As a young girl Ruby Bridges made a huge impact on American politics by being the first black child to go to a white-only school in Louisiana. This may seem crazy to us today, but in those days it was illegal for black and white kids to study together. Just by attending school and surviving all the hate thrown at her, little Ruby inspired huge change in American society, and is still an important lesson for us today.

Ruby's story shows how kids can make a huge difference just by showing up and being brave. Test your knowledge of this important chapter of US history here!


What year did Ruby go to school in Louisiana?


What did the other parents do when they found out Ruby would be studying alongside their kids?


3/10 Where is Louisiana?

@rubybridgesofficial | instagram

How old was Ruby when she started school?


What happened on Ruby's first day of her school?


And how did the teachers respond?


How many days of school did Ruby miss because of the protest?


What happened in the end?

@rubybridgesofficial | instagram

What's Ruby doing now?


Although US schools aren't segregated any more, poor schools have more black students in and rich schools have more white kids in. True or false?

Uh oh! This is a pretty important historical event so you should have another go and find out where you went wrong! And once you've worked it out you can try anther of our epic history quizzes!

Pretty good! This was a difficult quiz so you did well. There's still some room for improvement though, and it's worth having another go to find out where you went wrong! Fancy trying again?

Very good! You definitely know a few things abour Ruby Bridges and the history of the USA. You juuuust missed out on the top spot though - fancy having another go? Either way, well done!

Excellent work! You know loads about this chapter of US history! Let's hope we can all learn it's lessons. Now, can you get anther high score on a different history quiz? Let's find out!