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10 Question RussoPlays Quiz: Are You An Expert?

Are you ready for the ultimate RussoPlays quiz? Answer some questions all about this Youtuber and gamer, and find out if you're an expert in all things RussoPlays!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 22nd 2022

How much do you know about RussoPlays and his YouTube videos? It's time to find out with this epic 10 question RussoPlays quiz! Find out how much you know about this gamer and YouTuber, and see if you can get full marks! And don't be BLUE if you don't!

1/10 Dog in green wig

What colour is his hair?

2/10 RussoPlays
RussoPlays | YouTube

Where is he from?

3/10 Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing | Nintento

Which game is he best known for playing?

4/10 Roblox Battles
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

What show does he host?

5/10 RussoPlays
RussoPlays | YouTube

What's 'Blue Version?'

6/10 Blue hedgehog on blue background

Which game did he start out playing?

7/10 Guy gaming with yellow splats

Which of these is NOT a RussoPlays video?

8/10 Roblox
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

What's his collab with TeraBrite Games and DeeterPlays called?

9/10 Baby with yellow splats

How many children does he have?

10/10 Blue birthday cake on blue background with eyes

When is his birthday?

Lowest result
RussoPlays | YouTube

Nooooo! You must be feeling blue, because you don't know anything about RussoPlays! Luckily this is just a great excuse to go back and watch more RussoPlays!

Try again result
RussoPlays | YouTube

Not terrible, but we bet you can do better! You got a few right, but have another go and see if you learned any more about RussoPlays!

Well done result
RussoPlays | YouTube

Nice job! You know loads about RussoPlays and his content, but can you get full marks next time? We know it!

RussoPlays | YouTube

Ace! You got full marks on this epic RussoPlays quiz, and you must be his no. 1 fan! Well done!