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Can You Get These Sam Kerr Quiz Questions Kerr-ect?

How much do you know about Australia’s football icon, Sam Kerr?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 5th 2022

Sam Kerr scores goals after goals after goals. She literally can’t stop scoring! That’s why the Matilda’s fans like signing 🎶 ”Sam Kerrs on fire, your defence is terrified”🎶 See how many goals you can score with our Sam Kerr, Women’s Football Trivia Quiz. The more questions you get kerrect, the more goals you score! Can you win the Golden Boot?

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1/10 What sport does Sam Kerr play professionally?

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2/10 What country does Sam Kerr play for?


What club does Sam Kerr play for?


What position does Sam Kerr play?

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As of 2022, Sam Kerr is the only female player to have been a top scorer in three continents. True or False?


How does Sam Kerr celebrate her many, many, many, many goals?


What sport did she play as a child, before soccer?

8/10 A close up of a footballer

Who did Sam Kerr play for before Chelsea?


How old was she when she made her international debut?


What month is Sam Kerr’s middle name?

@SamanthaKerr20 | Instagram

Goal Drought! You couldn’t hit a barn door from 5 yards. Your youtube highlights reel has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. It’s the corner flag we feel sorry for! Have another go to score some more goals!

@samanthakerr20 | Instagram

Poor Form… You finished the season with a single goal. Not bad for a defender but terrible for Sam Kerr. After all she’s been a top scorer all her life! Have another go to score some more goals!

So many goals! Not quite enough to win the golden boot though. Have another go to bang some more in, Sam Kerr style!

You win the Golden Boot. Sam Kerr would be proud of you. Then she’d tackle you and run down the pitch and score a goal herself. She literally can’t stop scoring!