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The Ultimate Sapnap Quiz

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 29th 2021

How much do you know about Sapnap and his videos? Take this ultimate quiz and see what you know!

1/12 Sapnap screenshot
Sapnap | YouTube

What's Sapnap's real name?

2/12 Sapnap screenshot
Sapnap | Twitter

When did he join YouTube?

3/12 Texas countryside with barn

Where is he from?

4/12 Minecraft screenshot
Dream SMP | Minecraft

Who does he collaborate with most often?

5/12 Panda looking goofy

Whats the origin of his name?

6/12 Games console with face

What games does is he famous for playing?

7/12 Greek flag with question marks

What language can Sapnap speak?

8/12 Band rehearsing with screaming pineapple

What's his band called?

9/12 Dream SMP screenshot
Dream SMP | Minecraft

How many YouTube subs does he have?

10/12 Sapnap screenshot
Sapnap | YouTube, Dream SMP | Minecraft

What was his first video to hit 10 million views?

11/12 Group celebrating a birthday

What's his star sign?


12/12 What other games does he sometimes stream?

Sapnap | YouTube

Brilliant! You know loads about Sapnap and his gaming skills! Good job!


Well done, you're clearly a big Sapnap fan!


Not bad, but you could do better! Try again and see if you've learned anything new about Sapnap?


Oh no! Looks like you're completely clueless about Sapnap! Have another go and see if you can do any better!