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Awesome Scottish History Quiz!

How much Scottish history do you know?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Awesome Scottish History Quiz!

1/10 Scientist cheering

Which of these were invented by Scots?

2/10 Three witches

True or false: Macbeth was a real Scottish king?

3/10 Mary Queen of Scots

Which country did Mary Queen of Scots grow up in?

4/10 Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland - but which of these cities used to be the capital?

5/10 Jewels

What are 'the honours of Scotland'?

6/10 Man in kilt on white background

When did Highlanders start wearing the kilt?

7/10 Vikings

Who invaded Scotland in the 9th century?

8/10 Nurses in old photograph

Who was Elsie Inglis?

9/10 Fireman standing in smoke

What is Scotsman James Braidwood famous for?

10/10 Treasure chest and map on beach

Which of these famous children's books were written by Scots?

Yaldi result

Wow, full marks! You're Scotland's number one historian!ย 

Well done result

Well done! You know loads about Scottish history!

Try again result

You know a couple of things about Scottish history, but there's loads more to learn! Try again!ย 

ย Oh no! Looks like you're pretty clueless about Scottish history! Have another go!