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10 Question Scrabble Quiz!

Are you a whizz with words?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 23rd 2022
1/10 Scrabble

Who invented Scrabble?

2/10 Scrabble

What was Scrabble originally called?

3/10 Scrabble board

How many languages does Scrabble come in?

4/10 Scrabble board

What letters score the highest?

5/10 Scrabble tiles

 Lieutenant Commander Waghorn and Lance Corporal Gill  played Scrabble for 5 days straight in 1985. But  where were they playing?

6/10 Boy with phone

True or false -a boy once phoned the police because his sister was cheating at scrabble?

7/10 Family playing boardgames

What percent of British homes own a Scrabble set?

8/10 Scrabble tiles

It's possible to score  1782 points with the word  'Oxyphenbutazone' - but what does it mean?

9/10 Swiss Landscape

True or false - it is illegal to play Scrabble in Switzerland? 

10/10 Scrabble

Which of these is NOT a rule of Scrabble?

Amazing result

Wow! You know so much about Scrabble they should call you the Supreme Leader of Scrabble. Which isn't a real title. But well done!

Well done result

Well done! You've picked up some weird facts about Scrabble over the years! 

Try again result

Hmm, you've played Scrabble before but you don't know much about it! Why not try the quiz again and see if you can score any higher?

Oh no result

Oh no, you're not much of a Scrabble expert at all! Maybe you're thinking of Monopoly? That's the one with the dog and the top hat? Try again!