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Start Your Engines For This Sebastian Vettel Quiz!

Put your pedal to the Vettel and see if you can get to pole position with this Sebastian Vettel quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 5th 2022

Are you ready to test your Vettel with our Sebasatian Vettel quiz? The F1 Driver is a sports legend and who can lap faster than you can answer a question about his favourite snack! So, it’s time to move up into top gear, stamp the accelerator to the floor and overtake your destiny by smashing this Sebastian Vettel quiz and getting the fastest time possible in your time trial lap! Are you ready? Red light… still red light… still red light… still red light… still red light… GREEN LIGHT!

1/10 A picture of a race car driver in a blue boiler suit and helmet

Easy question to start: Which one of these people is the real F1 driver?

2/10 A bright red Formula 1 car

What team does Sebastian Vettel race for?

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3/10 What colour car does Vettel drive?


4/10 What country is Sebastian Vettel from?

5/10 A woman stares up towards the sky, with autumnal trees in the background

How tall is Sebastian Vettel?

6/10 A child driving a miniature car with a teddy in the back

How old was Sebastian Vettel when he won his first Grand Prix?

7/10 A man stands in front of a picture of a racing car

Which team did Sebastian Vettel drive for directly before Aston Martin?

8/10 A child sits in front of a car, with a German flag is displayed in the background

With which German car manufacturer did Sebastian Vettel start his career?

9/10 A plate of chips and a blob of ketchup

What is Sebastian Vettel's favourite English food?

10/10 A cat glares at a selection of instruments

What is Sebastian Vettel’s favourite band?

Result: Spin out

You’ve spun off the track. You’re last on the grid! Have another go to see if you can actually finish a lap without crashing!

Result: Stall

You stalled on the green light but managed to claw back some places to finish in the middle of the grid!

Result: Second

Second position on the grid! Not bad. Do one last lap (by doing the quiz again) and see if you can get pole position!

Result: Pole

Pole Position! Awesome driving. Sebastian Vettel would be very proud! All you have to do now is hold off Lewis Hamilton for the next forty laps!