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Secret Games in Google!

Google isn't just great for searching for stuff - it's also got secret bonus games hidden in it!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 6th 2017

Atari Breakout!

If you search for 'atari breakout' and then click on Images, you get a Google-ified version of the old-school game. You have to bounce the ball off your paddle (moved with the mouse) to destroy all the tiles!


Zerg Rush!

if you search for 'zerg rush', you get a secret game where letter Os fall down and start obliterating search results! Try and click them away before everything you've searched for is destroyed!



Searching for 'pac-man' gets you a miniature version of the classic game (as beloved by Guardians Of The Galaxy's Star-Lord), where Pac-Man has to avoid ghosts around a retro version of the Google logo.


The Hidden T-Rex Game!

If you use Chrome to browse the web, if you turn your Wi-Fi off you'll reveal a secret (and incredibly addictive) game where you jump a T-Rex over a bunch of cacti!


Barrel Roll!

If you search for 'do a barrel roll', your browser window responds by... doing a barrel roll! Also, if you search for 'askew', your results come back all tilted!