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The Ultimate ShadowApples Quiz

The fast talking Minecraft hero, ShadowApples is one of the true kings of the game. Loved by Minecraft experts worldwide, he's one of the streamers who really pushes the game to its limits. Whether you follow him on Twitch, YouTube or wherever, you'll probably know he 's not only the fastest talker, but also the fastest builder, miner, and prankster there is!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

So let's hear it for ShadowApples! Actually let's not... He probably won't hear you. After all he's busy with his headphones on, playing Minecraft! So instead, why don't you have a crack at our Ultimate ShadowApples Minecraft Quiz for EXPERTS only...


What game is ShadowApples all about?


2/12 What country is ShadowApples from?


What drink would ShadowApples not recommend you drink six bottles of before playing minecraft?

4/12 ill banana

How did ShadowApples describe his insides after doing exactly that?


Which one isn't the real ShadowApples video?

6/12 A man keeping his mouth closed

ShadowApples does something really fast. What is it?


Being a pro-gamer is all about....

8/12 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Where did ShadowApples build his home in the SMPLive Minecraft Server


What kind of shop did ShadowApples FAMOUSLY build?


What's the name of the cult ShadowApples formed?


What hashtag does his cult use?

12/12 A big white rabbit

What is ShadowApples rabbit called?

Expert! You REALLY know ShadowApples

Not bad. I told you it was for EXPERTS only, though. Try again?

Oh No! You don't know Shadow Apples at all. Try a different Minecraft quiz?