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How Much Do You Know About Shapes? Ultimate Quiz

Test your geometry skills with this shapely maths quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/14 An equation and a screaming pineapple

What do you call the part of maths that deals with shapes?

2/14 A hexagon

How many sides does a hexagon have?

3/14 A hand pointing at a specific shape

Which of these is NOT a real shape?

4/14 Types of triangles

And what do you call a triangle that has all 3 sides the same length?

5/14 Types of triangles

What do you call a triangle that has 2 sides the same length?

6/14 Types of triangles

And what do you call a triangle doesn't have any sides the same length?

7/14 A four-sided shape

And what do you call a triangle that has 4 sides the same length?

8/14 A can of beans

What's the proper name for the shape of a baked bean can?

9/14 A diamond shape

This diamond / kite sort of shape has 4 sides, all of the same length. What's it called?

10/14 The earth

What shape is planet Earth? The proper maths name!

11/14 An ice cream on the floor

What shape has a cone got at it's base?

12/14 A baby octopus

How many sides has an octogon got? Please accept this baby octopus as a hint.

13/14 Shapes quiz

What do you call a 4-sided shape with 4 right angles that ISN'T a square?

14/14 A dodecahedron gif

EXTRA TRICKY BONUS QUESTION! How many sides does a dodecahedron have?

Result: Eep

Well. This is awkward. Erm...try another quiz?

Result: Not bad

Nice try-angle (geddit?)! You can do better though - have another go?

Result: Nice try

Not bad! You know those shapes!

Result: Great

These shapes love you! Well done! You're a geometry expert!