The Ultimate Shawn Mendes Songs Quiz!

How well do you know Shawn Mendes' songs? Test your trivia now!

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Complete the title of this song from his album, Shawn Mendes. Lost In _____?

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What was the title of Shawn Mendes' first single?

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Complete the lyric to In My Blood: "I'm looking through my phone again feeling ______"

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What year was it released?

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Complete the lyric to Honest: "Can you meet me down on _____ Street?"

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Have you ever challenged your teachers on any of the rules in school?

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Which singer made a guest appearance on the songs I Know What You Did Last Summer and Señorita?

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Which album does the song Treat You Better appear on?

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What's the first song on his debut album, Handwritten?

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And what's the final song on the same album?

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He guested on the song, Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) in 2014 – but with which band?

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