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Should I Be a Vegetarian? Quiz

Should you go veggie to help save the world? Take this fab food quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 6th 2022

How much meat do you eat in a normal week?


Which of these do you like the most?


What do you want to happen to these cute fluffy lambs?


Do you care about the environment?


How would you describe this picture?


Give this piglet a name:


Would you ever eat a dog?


Describe this plate of vegetable noodles:


Do you like eating fish?


Which of these things do you care about most?

You should be a vegetarian!

Woah! You love eating meat, but you still want to cut down to help the environment - so what should you do? The best thing to do is go veggie... and because you're not vegan, you still get to eat eggs and cheese and stuff. You can do it!

You should be a vegan!

You want to help the environment and if you're honest, you don't really care that much about eating meat anyway. You're ready to go the whole way and stop eating anything from animals. You can take a break sometimes if you like though...and don't worry, we won't tell anyone...

You don't need to be a vegetarian!

You don't eat much meat as it is so don't stress about it. Eating less meat is always good idea if you can...but there are lots of other ways to help, like shouting at the government to do more. They're the ones in charge!

You should do what you want!

Eat meat, don't eat's up to you and it kind of depends on your situation. This is just a quiz, remember? But if you can, try to eat less meat or cut it out completely. Don't forget - the best way to help the world is to make the government fix it - they're the ones in charge, after all!