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Should I Go Vegan? Quiz

Play the Should I Go Vegan? Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Hello. Can I take your order?


You look concerned. What's on your mind?


Complete the sentence. A vegan...


Describe this picture!


What does this photo make you think of?


What's that on your cornflakes?


Lentils and pulses are...


What's on your toast?


What's your favourite food from this vast expanse of water?

Carnivorous: You might need to try some different foods before switching to being vegan. It's really important to cover all of your food groups. Even if you don't turn vegan you still need to eat your vegetables, right?

Omnivorous: You eat a bit of everything! That's a good way to be. If you're thinking of turning vegan or vegetarian you'll need to do some research about how to replace the good things you're cutting out.

Herbivorous: You're so herbivorous people always confuse you with a caterpillar! Ok, so that might never have happened really, but well done you for choosing food with the environment in mind. Just make sure you're eating a varied diet and covering all your food groups, ok. I do worry, so!