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Bounce, Bounce. Should I Play Basketball Quiz?

Should you play basketball? Find out with the amazing quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 22nd 2022
1/13 Slam dunk

Let's start slowly - what is a basketball?


How many people would be your perfect amount of teammates?


Finish this sentence. "I enjoy the Harlem -


How good are you at throwing rubbish in the bin from across the room?


Favourite thing to dunk?

6/13 Woman running

How much exercise have you done today?

7/13 Two basketball players

How tall are you?

8/13 Hands in a circle

Are you a team player?

9/13 Man in basketball shorts

What are your feelings about baggy shorts?

10/13 Black and orange background with question mark

Pick a colour combination

11/13 man dribbling basketball

What's dribbling?

12/13 Lebron James

Who's your sporting hero?

13/13 Men playing basketball

Do you actually WANT to play basketball?

Yes result thumbnail


Yes, you should definitely play some basketball! The court is calling you!

Maybe result thumbnail


Look, I don't knowย  - maybe you should? What could go wrong? Might be fun!

Give it a go result

Yes but switch to something else if you get bored

Basketball could be fun, but if you prefer kicking a ball to throwing it, what about football?

No result thumbnail


No-do not play basketball under any circumstances. Football yes, tennis maybe but NO BASKETBALL!