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Should You Play Uno or Chess Quiz

Uno and Chess are two very different games, but which are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 20th 2023

Both of these games can make or break an evening’s entertainment - Uno is a famously fast paced reflex bonanza but Chess takes a very different kind of play style. So let’s try this quiz out and find out which is the game for you?


Choose a hot drink…


Choose a mode of transport…


It’s the day before an exam, what do you do?


You’ve got a time machine, where do you go?


What is your favourite instrument?


There is a moose in your living room, what do you do?


Pick a number…


What is most important in a friend?


Which animal do you feel most like today?


You’ve done a big fart at school, what do you do?


You’re most like Uno, you like things fast and to the point - make a mistake? Don’t worry, NEXT CARD! You’re here for the rush, not the boring build up play. A little bit like Uno, you live your life on the edge, don’t bother about planning, it’s time for some fun! You’re the kind of person that can’t wait to get onto the next thing, so long as the next thing means WINNING! Epic stuff!


You’re a Chess kind of person, you like things to be a bit more planned out, and you know that victory comes through practice and careful thought. It’s not enough to just rush into a move, you need to think 3 steps ahead, or in your case 5+ steps ahead! This might make it a bit slower, but deep down you know that if you’re going to play a game, it’s better to play it well!