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This Shubble Quiz is Double the Fun!

Think you know this squeaky-voiced gaming sensation? Think again! Take our epic Shubble quiz to test your skills!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 20th 2022

She loves gaming, making funny Youtube videos and hanging out with her pals. But how much more to Shubble is there? Have a go at this Youtube-tastic gaming quiz and you'll soon find out! Ready to see how you score? Let's get going!

@shelbygraces | instagram

What is Shubble's real name?

@shelbygraces | instagram

According to her bio, Shubble is "pale, anxious and..." what?

@Shubble | Youtube

Guess the title of this video from the thumbnail:


Shubble only really plays Minecraft on her channel. True or false?

5/10 Hamster on a wheel

What pet has Shubble got?

Please add image credits here

Whereabouts in the USA does Shubble live right now?

@Shubble | Youtube

What is Shubble's Minecraft character known for?


What is Shubble a part of?


Shubble's voice is... what?

@Shubble | Youtube

Guess the title of this really old Shubble video:

@shelbygraces | instagram

Eeeek! Looks like your Shubble skills could do with some sharpening! Better get back over to Youtube and swot up! Now, if you fancy seeing how well you do on a different Youtuber quiz, we've got plenty more where this one came from!

@shelbygraces | instagram

Not bad! Not bad at all! You clearly know your stuff - but still managed to make a few mistakes here and there. Have another look back over your answers and see where you went wrong?

@shelbygraces | instagram

Great work! You really know your stuff! You just missed out on full marks though - too bad! But can you beat this score on a different quiz?

@shelbygraces | instagram

Amazing! A perfect score! They said it couldn't be done - great work! Now, check out a different Youtuber quiz to continue testing your skills!