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The Ultimate KSI Quiz!

Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji , better known as KSI, is quite simply the BIGGEST AND BEST British YouTuber. He knows pretty much everything about being an internet personality, musician, and boxer. But how much do you know about this former member of the Sidemen?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 8th 2022


What city is KSI from?


What football team does KSI support?


What is KSI's brother called?


What did his brother do that led to a temporary falling out between him and KSI


5/10 From which country was KSI kicked out of for not having the correct paperwork?


Who was KSI's first boxing match against?

Great Celebrity Bake Off | Love Productions | Channel 4

KSI went on Bake Off! What on earth was this supposed to be?


Who was KSI's biggest boxing match against?

@ksi | Instagram

What was KSI's first single called?

@ksi | Instagram

What does KSI stand for?

@ksi | Instagram

Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. You know KSI!

@ksi | Instagram

Knowledge, Strength, Erm... Indigestion? You know KSI a bit. Try again to get a higher score?

You don't really know KSI at all, do you? I'll tell you one thing. He is NOT a chef. You should check out the Great Celebrity Bake Off: Stand Up To Cancer to find out why!