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Sidemen: The Ultimate W2S Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Sidemen's FIFA loving lad!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/12 W2S doing a selfie in a bathroom mirror
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

What is his real name?

2/12 W2S in a bath with cereal
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Which of the following is NOT one of his many nicknames?

3/12 A close up of W2S's face
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

In which year did he join YouTube?a

4/12 W2S with a golden gorilla
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

What's W2S's Playstation username?

5/12 W2S with a big wig monster
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

W2S celebrates his birthday on November 24. What star sign does that make him?

6/12 Another funny W2S selfie
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

He was born in Guernsey. How far is that to Dundee, home of the Beano comic?

7/12 W2S playing FIFA
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

W2S got into gaming after his parents found a console at a car boot sale for £5. What type was it?

8/12 W2S and KSI in football shirts
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Which football team does he support?

9/12 A step by step guide to making a cup of tea

When he makes a cup of tea, what does he put into the cup first?

10/12 W2S sitting and smiling
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

In 2015, he sent £50 to any Twitter followers who could prove they achieved straight A*-As that summer. How many people responded?

11/12 The Sidemen chaps lying on a pile of their books
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

If W2S is the second-most subscribed member of the Sidemen, who is the first?

12/12 W2S heading a football on the floor
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Which football legend invited W2s to his house to make a YouTube video?

Oh no
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Oh no! Why not have another go?

Good try
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Good try! You did pretty well!

Great work
@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Great work! You clearly know your stuff!

@wroetoshaw | Instagram

Wow! You're a W2S expert, aren't you?