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Silliest World Records Ever!

These people are the best in the world (at doing silly things)

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  April 11th 2017

1. World's heaviest onion

The record for the heaviest onion ever goes to Tony Glover. He broke the record in 2014 with this whopping 8.5kg onion. And that carrot isn't bad either!

Guinness World Records

2. Most people applying face masks at the same time

1,755 people share this record after they all put on face masks in Xi'an, China in 2016 

Guinness World Records

3. Most spoons attached to a human body

Awarded to Dalibor Jablanovic, from Serbia who managed to balance 79 spoons in 2016. What a hero!

Guinness World Records

4. Most biscuits crushed between someone's shoulder blades in a minute

This one is weird. The record was broken by Azim Malik on an Italian TV show who managed 21 biscuits. Cup of tea, anyone?

5. Most people wearing balloon hats

In Singapore, 5,911 people all wore balloon hats at the same time. It took 350 people 3 days to make all the hats - which is a lot of effort to go to for something so silly. Good work, everyone!

Guinness World Records