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Six the Musical Songs Quiz

Find out how well you know the songs of the hit musical, Six!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 22nd 2024

Six the Musical Songs Quiz

1/9 Six the Musical
@sixthemusical | instagram

Six the Musical is based on…

2/9 Axe in a sad log

Which character sings "Don't Lose Ur Head”?

3/9 No way will this dog eat that treat.

Which character sings “No Way”?

4/9 The Six Queens!
@sixthemusical | Instagram

Which character sings "All you wanna do”?


According to Anne Boleyn: “All the British dudes” are:

6/9 Heart of Stone

Which character sings “Heart of Stone”?

7/9 Getting down with Six
@sixthemusical | Instagram

Which character sings “Get Down”?

8/9 Girls play football!

What’s Catharine of Aragon’s "golden rule"?

9/9 Beautiful Hair

What does Jane Seymour describe as a “restless tide, untameable”?

Off with your head.
@sixthemusical | Instagram

 Off with your head. If only there was an autotune for brains!

Bum notes!
@sixthemusical | Instagram

Bum notes. You’ll go far. The farther away from the microphone the better.

A beautiful performance!
@sixthemusical | Instagram

A beautiful performance. I had a tear in my eye and not just because I'm about to have my head chopped off.

Standing Ovation
@sixthemusical | Instagram

Standing ovation. You are destined for great things.