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Don't Bail On This Gnarly Skateboarding Tricks Quiz!

Is it a superman grab? Is it one wheel manual? No - it's this totally rad skateboarding quiz! Click here to find out how much you really know!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 8th 2022

Do you fancy yourself as the next great skateboarder? Well you'll have to be a mutant cross between Sky Brown and Tony Hawk to ace this tricky skateboarding quiz!

Ready to find out if you really know the difference between a nollie 360 and frontside manual? Well, what are you standing about for? Let's get quizzing!


What's it called when you spin and kickflip at the same time?


How do you do an ollie?


Which of these tricks is the hardest?


What does getting air mean?


What's a grind?

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Which of these is NOT a real skateboard trick?


What's this thing called?


What does bailing mean?


When you ride off the top of a ramp, what are you doing?


Natural, nollie, switch and fakie are all... what?

OUCH! You bailed! Dannnnng... you'd better try again! Quick! And if you can't face another go, there are plenty more skateboarding quizzes where this one came from!

Hmmm... this result is pretty sketchy! It's not awful - but you can definitely do better! Have another go and see if you can get a better score next time round? Good luck!

Wooooah! Impressive skateboarding skills! This is one gnarly score! Great job! Can you beat this score on another skateboarding quiz?

Woaaa - epic! You absolutely nailed this skateboarding quiz! Awesome work! Now, can you get another perfect score on a different sport quiz?