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10 Slime Facts For When You’ve Too Much Slime on Your Hands!

How much do you know about Slime? Check these freaky facts to see what you're missing!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 27th 2022

Slime isn’t just a weird goo that occurs in nature and up your nose, it’s also the crazy toy that stretches, sqidges and slimes for your entertainment. There’s something about it that kids love and grown-ups hate, and because we don’t really care that grown-ups hate it, here’s ten facts for kids about squelchy, squirmy slime for when you’ve got a slime to kill! Slime waits for no man, so are you ready? Because… IT’S TIME FOR SLIME!

1. Toy Slime Was Invented in 1976!

In 1976, Mattel Toys (the company that makes Barbie) was the first to sell slime! It caught on and became so popular that other rival toy companies created different recipes. So the slime wars began!

2. Slime Mould is Pretty Gross!

Slime mould is often found on damp and rotting vegetation. There are over 900 species of slime mould, and some of them are named after the things they look like. For example, the bright yellow slime mould, Fuliga septica, is also known as Dog Vomit Mould!

3. This is Snot Funny!

Talking of natural slime, your body is one of the best slime factories going. Did you know you produce two pints of body slime (called mucus) every day! It's a really important substance for your body protecting your throat and lungs clear and stopping your body dry out!

4. Slugs are Famously Slimy!

Slugs use their gross slime for protecting their soft bodies whilst they move and climb over rough surfaces. It also protects them from fungal infections, which can cause the slugs to burst! Slugs can also use slime trails to find mates.

5. Toy Slime is Educational!

Next time a grown-up complains about slime in the carpet, tell them you are learning Maths and Science. When you make slime, you learn about measurements, volumes, and chemical reactions!

6. Slime Science!

To make slime sticky AND harmless, scientists use two main ingredients: polyvinyl alcohol and borax powder (containing boric acid and sodium borate). When the ingredients are added in the correct amounts, the perfect slime is created. Colour is added using food dye. Legend states that toy slime was made by accident and at first the scientists thought it was useless. That is until a kid got their hands on it and the scientists realised they’d created the worlds greatest toy!

7. You Can Make Slime At Home!

Nowadays, people make their own slime. For the amateur slimologist, Boric Acid is usually taken from contact lens solution, and polyvinyl is found in PVA glue. Colour can be added with food colouring to achieve effects as complex as rainbow slime!

8. Kids and YouTubers Have Taken Toy Slime to New Levels!

But it doesn't have to stop with rainbows. Enthusiastic kids and grown-ups have learnt to add shaving foam, glitter, beads, smelly oils, and jelly foam to make slime even more FUN!

9. Slime Can Save Your Life!

Especially if you're a Hagfish. To scare away enemies, hagfish produce LOADS of mucus. When they get stressed, the unique holes lining their eely bodies secrete stuff that reacts with seawater to form sticky, clear slime! According to the stories of unfortunate human Hagfish botherers, a single adult fish can fill 57 and a half coke cans full of slime in minutes!

10. Slime Has Reached Space!

In 2020 NASA Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were sent green slime by the Kids' TV company, Nickelodeon. The astronauts experimented with the slime to see how it behaved in zero gravity! Rumours that next year, Nickelodeon is sending Spongebob Squarepants to the International Space Station have not been confirmed!