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Splodge! Take The 8 Question Slime Quiz!

It's slime time! Try this awesome quiz about slime and see what you know!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 23rd 2022
1/8 Girl with some slime

Is slime a solid or a liquid

2/8 Slime making ingredients

Who invented slime?

3/8 Hands covered in slime

Which of these films features slime?

4/8 Close up on blue slime

Where does slime come from?

5/8 Cups of slime

What is slime made from?

6/8 Boy with slime

When did the first person get slimed on TV?

7/8 Hands in slime

True or false - if you leave it alone long enough, slime can come to life?

8/8 Hand full of slime

The Guiness Book of World Records recorded the largest ever slime in Austria in 2018. How much did it weigh?

slimetastic result

Slimetastic! You know everything about slime! Well done!

nice result

Well done! You really love all things slimy!

try again result

Hmm not bad but you could always do better! Try again and see if you learn anything new about slime!

Oh no result

Uh oh, someone hasn't swotted up on slime! Go back and try again and see if you can score any higher!