Snoozing Glasses

Nap wherever you want with our not-so-high-tech specs

You will need

- A printer to print off our Sleeping Glasses template (download it HERE)
- Scissors
- Sticky tape
- A pair of glasses

...and some help from an adult!

Step 1

Choose a pair of eyes and carefully cut them out with a pair of scissors. You might need to trim the eyes a little to fit the glasses!

Step 2

Stick a piece of tape onto the back of the eyes

Step 3

Stick the eyes in the glasses so the pupils are facing forward

Do both eyes and your glasses should look like this:


Now just put them on and you can fall asleep any time you want! 

Try having a snooze at the dinner table, during class, or anywhere you fancy. Nobody will notice and it's 100% foolproof!


(OK maybe they might notice...)

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