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Songs Improved by Alexa!

How can songs by Camila Cabello, Big Shaq, Ramz, and Dua Lipa get any better? By adding Alexa of course!

The Amazon Alexa is awesome! Not only can it help you with important stuff and answer pretty much any question EVER, it can also do some fun tricks. But have you ever imagined what it would be like if Alexa got involved in some of your favourite songs? We have, so we made it happen! 

Get ready to hear Alexa do some ‘quick maths’ in Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot, stick to some New Rules with Dua Lipa, link a ting from Barking with Ramz, and finally Alexa gets her heart broken in Havana. Probably by that Google Home. 

Poor Alexa! 

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