Personality Quiz: Spend a Day Footie Training and We'll Tell you What FIFA 19 Striker You're Most Like

Use this (sort of) scientific test to find out if you're a great goalscorer or actually the greatest!


Which breakfast would you choose to start your day?


Okay, brekkie's over so it’s off to footie practice. How do you get there?


What sort of boots will you wear?


What skills do you want to practice first?


Right, training is over for this morning and now it’s snack time. What would you choose?

Totally Random Question

Looking at the statements below, please tell us which ones you agree with, that best describe you?

Tap on as many answers as you want! Then hit submit.

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

You’ve got a few hours before afternoon training starts. How will you spend your free time?


Okay, final training session for the day now. What skills do you want to work on?


It’s home-time at last and the manager wants someone to wash the kit! What do you do?


Which flag is the best?


Training’s finished and you’re back home. How will you spend your evening?

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