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Spider Bowl Prank!

A sneaky surprise in a disguise

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 31st 2022

Spiders make everyone jump, don’t they? Some people might pretend that they’re not bothered by them but there’s no getting away from the fact that they’re stars of the prank world! Here’s a step-by-step guide to a practical joke which will make your friends think there’s a spider in a paper bowl. Fiendishly brilliant! 

You will need:

A felt-tip pen!
A small wooden spoon (or lolly stick)!
A pen lid!
A paper bowl!
Sticky tack!
A rubber band!
And some help from a grown-up - especially when using scissors!

Step 1

Underneath the bowl, write "Do NOT MOVE!" in felt tip pen.

Step 2

Using your felt tip pen, draw a spider inside the bowl. When you see it from the outside, it should look like a spider's shadow.You can also draw an arrow pointing to the spider, to draw extra attention to it!

Step 3

With help from an adult, carefully cut your wooden spoon (or lolly stick) to have two sets of notches. Each notch should be the width of a rubber band.

Step 4

Thread the rubber band through the pen lid. To do this, poke the end of the rubber band through the pen lid, until you can pull it from the other side. Try and keep the same amount of rubber band on either side, so that the pen lid sits in the middle.

Step 5

Loop the rubber band into both notches of the spoon, so that the pen lid hangs underneath.

Step 6

Put sticky tack on the spoon and pen lid. You'll need three bits of tack on the upper side of the spoon, and one bit on the pointy part of the pen lid, as shown in the picture below.

Step 7

Stick the spoon to the inside of the bowl, in the centre of the flat part

Step 8

Twist the pen lid about 3 times for optimum spin - fewer than this will not give you the right noise, and more might pull away the spoon, or spin the bowl instead!

Step 9

Keeping the rubber band wound up, stick the tack from the pen lid to the table, and let the bowl rest on the table. Note: Once you let go, the bowl may spin a tiny bit, if you have wound it too tightly

Step 10

When your unsuspecting victim comes along, they should see the shadow of the 'spider' in your bowl. If they're brave enough to pick up the bowl, the sticky tack will come undone, letting the rubber band spin and hit off the side of the bowl. The little bit of noise and movement will be enough to give them a fright! 

Prank time!

As long as your sticky tack remains sticky, you can pull this prank over and over again!