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10 Spookiest Games to Play At Home This Year

Check out our guide to awesome Halloween games at home!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 5th 2022

You may not be able to go to any Halloween parties this year, but that doesn't mean you can't party at home! We've compiled a list of some of the best, spookiest  games to try out at home and get you in the Halloween mood! 

1. Bobbing for Apples

This one's a classic! There's nothing very spooky about apples, but there's something VERY funny about watching someone try to pick one up with their mouth! For an extra messy version, try putting jellybabies in a bowl of flour instead! 

2. Sardines

Not the fish, the game! Sardines is the opposite of hide-and-seek. One person goes and hides, and everyone else counts! Whenever someone finds the hider, they have to join them, no matter how small the space! The loser is the last person to find everyone! If you play this right you'll get people squashed in the tiniest of places! It's VERY hard to keep hidden! 

3. Spooky Spaghetti

This is another classic halloween game - get a parent or carer to cook up a batch of spaghetti and then let it go cold in the fridge. The put the spaghetti in a bowl or bucket, along with treats, sweets and prizes, and have a go at fishing them out! The cold spaghetti will feel like slithery snakes or gooey brains! The winner is the person who can find the most prizes! Can you brave the slimy spaghetti to get to the treasure?

4. Guess The Body Part

 This is another gross food game! Switch out the lights and pass out the 'body-parts'. Everyone has to guess which body parts they are, and if they guess right, they get a prize! Dont worry, you don't have to use real body parts! In fact, please don't! You can use peeled grapes for eyeballs, pumpkin seeds as teeth, and cocktail sausages for fingers! 

5. Mummy wrap!

This is a fun game for teams, all you need is some spare loo roll! Divide in to two or more teams, and choose one person to be the mummy. When the referee says 'Go!' wrap the mummy in loo paper as quickly as you can! The winning team is the one who's mummy is the most covered when the timer goes off. Don't forget to save the loo paper afterwards, it doesn't need to go to waste! 

6. Doughnut race

 This is another Halloween classic that isn't very spooky, but it is delicious! Thread ring doughnuts of a string. Contestants must put their hands behind their back and use only there mouth to eat the doughnut off the string. The winner is the person who finishes their doughnut first! If you want to make it a bit scarier, maybe you can decorate the doughnuts with spooky sweets and icing! 

7. Hide and Seek in The Dark

This one's pretty self-explanatory; hide and seek, but a bit spookier. Make sure you've tidied any dangerous objects out of the way before you start, you don't want any accidents! Bonus points if you scare the seeker when they find you with a big 'Boo!'

8. Pin the fangs on the vampire

Find a picture (or draw one yourself!) of a vampire, then cut out some paper fangs! Everyone takes a turn pinning them on the vampire with their eyes shut. The winner is the person who gets them closest to the vampire's mouth!

9. Costume contest

Another simple one - have a costume competition and give out prizes! You could also do this on Zoom with your mates. Get creative - you could be anything you want! Hand out prizes for weirdest costume, grossest costume, funniest's up to you!

10. Wink murder

This is a grisly game! Everyone closes their eyes, and your parent or carer chooses the 'murderer'. Everyone opens their eyes. The murderer now has to try and 'murder' as many people as possible (By winking at them) without being caught! Everyone else has to try and guess who the murderer is. If the murderer kills everyone without being caught, they win! If someone catches them, they win! Don't forget to make your death as dramatic as possible - lots of screams and gross sounds!