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The Ultimate Dsmp Quiz

How well do you know this epic gaming saga? Take our blockbusting Minecraft quiz to test your DSMP knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 26th 2021
@EvanMCGaming | Youtube

Let's start off easy. What does the D in DSMP stand for?

2/12 Tommy Innit laughing
@TommyInnit | Youtube

Tommyinnit has been banned from the server before now. True or false?

3/12 Dream and some other players
@Dream | Youtube

Which of these is NOT a real character in DSMP?

4/12 A flag from Dream SMP

What flag is this?

5/12 The Crimson Egg
@Angrythomas | youtube

Who discovered the Egg?

6/12 Dream
@Dreamwastaken | instagram

Dream never shows his face in real life. True or false?

7/12 BadBoyHalo and his BFF
@skep | Youtube

Who is BadBoyHalo's best friend?

8/12 An old-fashioned chimney sweep

Finish the name: Wilbur ___?


Who's this?

10/12 Minecraft animals
@Minecraft | instagram

Awesamdude is a... what?

11/12 Dream SMP
@EvanMCGaming | Youtube

How many people watch Dream SMP?

12/12 A confused terrapin

What kind of pets does Sapnap have?

BadBoyHalo | Youtube

Oh dear! BadBoyHalo is not pleased! Quick - try a different quiz!

BadBoyHalo | Youtube

Pretty decent! You can do better though, can't you? BadBoyHalo certainly thinks so!

Skeppy | Youtube

Good work! Can you beat this score on another gaming quiz? Better find out!

Skeppy | Youtube

Wahoo! High score! Skeppy is very pleased! Amazing work!