Quiz: Is it Squishy or is it Real?!

Edible? Or just incredibly realistic? See if you can tell the difference!

Is this a real chocolate loaf? Or a squishy?

Image by CathyDM | Youtube

What's this?

Image by chowhound | Youtube

This hot dog looks too good to be true (maybe it is)!

Image by thehollycopter | Youtube

Is this a piece of squishy rubber? Or just a blurry picture? You decide!

Image by originalnakedchef | Youtube

And this burger bun?

Image by CathyDM | Youtube

Looks good! But what is it?

Image by thehollycopter | Youtube

What's this?

Image by tastyandeasyfoodrecipes | Youtube

Something about this one seems a bit fishy...

Image by minicuteclub | Youtube

What's this tasty looking thing?

Image by flavoursoffood | Youtube

The real deal? Or just a corny imitation?

Image by brenda priscilla | Youtube
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