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Have You Got The Skills For This Star Wars Job Quiz?

Do you know the difference between a nerf herder and a hyperspace prospector? Test your knowledge of the Star Wars job market with this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 28th 2022

Are you a team player who works well on their own? Is your biggest weakness that you're a perfectionist? Well no matter what you put on your galactic CV, there's a job in the Star Wars universe for everyone! But how much do you know about all these jobs? Hmmm? Well just answer these questions and we'll tell you!


What race is traditionally good at being bounty hunters?


What do you do with nerfs?


What do you call someone who makes light sabers?


What do you call the rebel soldiers who go out to find out what the Empire is up to?


Which of these is a REAL job in Star Wars?


Who usually herds banthas?


Where do Galactic Senators go to work?

8/10 A sloth in a desert

Which of these is a real job on the desert planet of Tattooine?


A hypersurveyor is a real Star Wars job. True or false?


Who might you hire if you wanted to capture someone?

Shouldn't that be "moooo"? Nope - because this is a bantha, not a cow! But this hairy creature aside - you didn't really do very well at this quiz. You should have another go or try a different one. And quick, this bantha looks angry!

Pretty good! This bantha has seen better (yes it is a bantha - not a cow), but it's also seen worse. So all round, not bad! You could probably do a bit better if you had another go though - feel like trying? If not we have plenty more Star Wars quizzes to pick from!

Wahoo! This is a fantastic score! Rey is very impressed! You really do know a lot about the galactic jobs market! You did miss out on 1 or 2 right answers - do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different quiz!

Amazing! You got 100%! This is very impressive... are you a galactic careers advisor? You must be with a score like this! Now, do you think you can get full marks on a different Star Wars trivia quiz? Pick another and we'll find out!