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Stella McCartney + The Dandy = Epic!

Awesome fashion designer, Stella McCartney, has picked some characters from The Dandy comic for her new range of clothes

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 11th 2017

Here are some cool facts about Korky the Cat, Dinah Mo, Cuddles and Dimples!

Korky the Cat

Korky was first in The Dandy comic in 1937. He's more than just a pet cat though, he's always getting into mayhem. Once he even became a hairdresser - weird!

Dinah Mo

Dinah Mo's a 10-year-old girl who always causes chaos and destruction wherever she goes!

Cuddles and Dimples

These two cheeky toddlers are twins and were in The Dandy comic from 1986!

And look how great they all look!

Stella McCartney The Dandy Collection