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Stock Your Own Joke Shop, and Weโ€™ll Show You What It Would Look Like!

What Kind of Joke Shop Would You Run?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Is your business some kind of joke?


1/9 Which tomato do you think would give the best SPLAT?


2/9 Make a mess!


3/9 Kick up a big stink!


4/9 Select a stinky sock for your secret stash!


5/9 Which water weapon do you think is the coolest?


6/9 Pick your perfect catapult


7/9 Which rubber bug has got the most prank potential?


8/9 Which projectile would you love to launch?


9/9 Which silly snack would you feed your foes?

Mister Har Har's Joke Shop

The ultimate classic Joke Shop - Mister Har Har's Beanotown Joke Shop is always well stocked with gags, gifts, and guffs!ย 

One-Stop Treetop

One-Stop Treetop

You're more like a one-man army than a joke shop. Your stash of heavy hitting pranks is full of one-of-a-kind speciality items, for the advanced pranksters amongst us!

Gran's Old Stash

Gran's Old Stash

Not the freshest menace on the block? You might still know how to make a mess, but you'll need to stock up for any REAL pranking!

The Laugh Shack

The Laugh Shack

It's not so much a joke shop as it is a small stash of tiny pranking tools! Coupled with your amazing ability to prank on the go, you're always up for a laugh!