Stokes Twins Quiz

Are you an expert on these identical influencers? Test yourself with this twin-tastic Youtube quiz!

Image by @imalexstokes | instagram

What are the Stokes Twins names?

Image by @imalanstokes | instagram

One of the twins was born 2 minutes before the other.

Which one's older?

Image by Stokes Twins | Youtube

Which of these is NOT a video by the Stokes Twins?

Image by Stokes Twins | Youtube

Who's the Twins best friend? 

Totally Random Question

Which of these have you been using in the past week to keep in touch with friends?

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The twins live in LA. Whereabouts in the USA is that?

Image by Stokes Twins | Youtube

Complete the title of this Stokes Twins video:

Paying My Twin Brother To... 

Image by @saraboholli | tumblr via gipht

What type of music do the twins prefer?

Image by Stokes Twins | Youtube

How can you tell the twins apart?

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