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Strange But True Facts

From snail teeth to real-life elves - how many of these strange but true facts do you know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Can't get enough of these strange but true facts? Well we've got plenty more facts where these came from! Oh, and some trivia quizzes too!

1. 55 Million years ago...

...There were palm trees at the North Pole! The Earth at that time was much hotter than it was now, and the Arctic Circle was positively tropical. Sounds nice, if it wasn't for the giant mosquitoes!

2. If you cross a cow and bison...

You get an animal called a BEEFALO. That's it. That's the fact.

3. Your intestines are constantly wiggling

That's right, your guts are always moving about as they digest your food. 24 hours a day. Too gross? 

4. Ancient Sunglasses

The first recorded use of sunglasses was in 12th Century China, and they were made out of flat pieces of grey quartz. They were used by judges in court rooms, so nobody  could see their facial expressions !

5. Clouds are really heavy!

They might look light and fluffy, but big clouds can easily weigh over 500,000 kilograms! The reason they float is because they're made out of billions and billions of tiiiiiny water droplets, which are each light enough to be held up by the air.

6. Elves are real

At least, according to lots of people in Iceland. A study found that 62% of Icelandic people believe in Elves, and that terrible luck will come to anyone who annoys them. They supposedly live in rocks, and they've never been proved to NOT exist - so maybe they're right after all?

7. Magnetic Dog Wee

Dogs go to the toilet along the North South axis of the Earth's magnetic field. What? That's right, dogs prefer to do their business facing North or South, and deliberately avoid doing it facing East or West. Scientists have no idea why, but say it shows how some animals can see or feel lots of things that we can't.

8. Snails have teeth!

Snails have THOUSANDS of tiny teeth that they use to chomp up their food. Some types of snails can have anywhere from 2,000 to 15,000 teeth! Eek!

9. HOW much cheese?

The biggest pizza ever baked was 40 metres across and weighed about 3 and a half tonnes. It had almost 9000 kilos of cheese on top of it! As great as it sounds, the chefs had to walk across it to put the fillings on... Hope they cleaned their shoes first!

@charlie_pizza | tumblr via giphy

10. Koala fingerprints

Koala fingerprints are basically identical to human ones! Even under a microscope it's almost impossible to tell whether a fingerprint belongs to a person or a koala. Strange, but true!