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39 Strange Questions Quiz To Get You Thinking!

Here's an odd quiz will make your brain do some unusual sounds!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 4th 2023

Questions, questions, questions. According to nearby grown-ups it’s good to ask questions. That’s how you learn, apparently. But sometimes one question can lead to another… and another… and another… until your so far away from the first question that before you know it, a conversation about the flags of Africa has turned into a conversation about weasels. So be careful and make sure you don’t get distracted by this quiz… It may lead you into some confusing corners, down some dark dead ends, and get you completely lost in labyrinth of trivia goodness.

We can’t give you a heads up about what this quiz contains. Not even we know and it’s on our website… we promise it’s not because we’re making it up as we go along. Instead, we’ve set our team of Beano Quiz Rats to scavenge the bowels of the internet to bring you some of the strangest questions ever asked to mankind. The first question is… CAN YOU HANDLE IT??


Where do flamingos bend their legs?


What animal is involved in the largest mammal migration known on Earth? (More than 10 million of these creatures are involved?)


How old was the inventor of ice pops?


What is the largest organ of the human body?


5/39 What animal can hold its breath longer, a sloth or a dolphin?


Which country’s flag features a snake being squeezed and bitten by an eagle?


7/39 What country has banned chewing gum?


What’s special about an axolotyl?

9/39 A mammoth in an icy environment

Woolly mammoths were still alive when which human structure was built?

10/39 A man in a suit popping bubble wrap

What was the original purpose of bubble wrap?

11/39 Jelly beans

Shellac (sometimes used to make the shiny shell for jelly beans) is made from?


What might trigger fear in an Arachibutyrophobiac?


How old is the company Nintendo?


What shape is wombat poo?


What chess piece appears at the end of the day?


What animal has poisonous spurs, lays eggs, has a bill and is covered in fur?


The movie King Kong was originally going to be about a giant cat. True or False?


18/39 Which of these animals hasn’t inspired a Marvel character?


Which one of these has eight legs?


Which countries flag can’t you make from a close up of the Norweigian Flag?


Marmite is a by-product of what other industry


Which one of these words isn’t a type of cloud?

23/39 Astronaut in space

What is a cosmonaut?


Which planet (not counting Pluto) has the largest moon, relative to its own size?


Lionel Messi hasn’t won which major football trophy?

@skybrown | Instagram

Who was the youngest member of Team GB in the Tokyo Olympics


On average an adult human has less bones than a child human. True or False?


What is the name for the small groove in your face that runs from the nose to the middle of your top lip?

29/39 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Before it was banned in 1921 woman’s football drew larger crowds than men’s football. True or False?


30/39 The dutch flag is red, white and blue. What colour do the football team play in?

31/39 A fruit bowl

Which of these fruits usually grow in groups of two?

32/39 A voting ballot box

What “Gentleman” was elected President of the USA in 2020?

33/39 Polar Bear Facts

Which part of its body does a polar bear cover with its paw when it’s hunting?


What sport can sometimes last five days and still end in a draw?


Pigs don’t sweat. True or False?

36/39 Reindeer Jokes

Donner and Blitzen are two of Santa’s reindeers. What do these words mean in German?


The Island of West Mersea in Essex is unusual because…


Who can shave everyday and still have a full beard?

39/39 Guess the Dennis quote quiz

Dennis the Menace was original known as Wayne the Payne. True or False?

STUMPED. These strange questions have you stumped. Not everything is as it seems. Have another go!

NOT BAD! You know some strange facts but you’re still short of some weird knowledge!

EXPERT! Expert at Weirdness! Your knowledge of the strange and wonderful is strange and wonderfully good! Get every question right to get to Guru level!

GURU OF STRANGE. Your knowledge is so deep and wide you probably even know what the word esoteric means!