Stretch Armstrong's Having a Bad Day... Watch Stretch Armstrong Be Destroyed!

He's the ultimate Stretchy superhero who can withstand anything... or can he? Obviously, don't try any of these at home!

Which was Stretch's worst moment?

Poor Stretch Armstrong! He's the amazingly stretchy superhero who's survived for years as a beloved toy for many generations. So why is it that so many people - well, YouTubers mostly - want to try to push Stretch to his absolute limits? Maybe it's because of the boastful way he's described as the 'ultimate superhero'. We still don't think he deserves to be crushed, shredded, and inflated to ridiculous proportions though, although it is very funny to watch! Which of these unfortunate events can Mr Armstrong survive on his worst day ever? Watch to find out! (But don't try them yourself.) 

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