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Stupid TV: Do You Need This Weird New Phone Accessory?

It's a phone but it's also a hat - and it could be the most useful or most useless thing you've ever seen. You decide!

We’ve all spent time flicking through the TV channels only to come across some of the weirdest adverts ever. But this one may be the weirdest we’ve ever seen! 

Stupid TV – where else? – presents the hat phone. So if you’re tired of using your own hands to answer calls then this is the product for you, apparently. 

It’s a hat crossed with a phone, but you probably worked that out already. 

And thishat comes in loads of different colours – from magnolia to your nan’s biscuits – but the phone only comes in black. Never miss a call again as the phone either rings or vibrates, right next to your head! 

It’s such a good deal that you’ll end up wanting more heads to use the hat phone

At least that’s what Stupid TV says anyway.

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