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Stupid TV: That Awkward Moment When… You Write Last Year’s Date

Stupid TV: That Awkward Moment When... You Write Last Year's Date

We’ve all been there! It’s the new year, back at school and you only went and wrote last year’s date! Noooooo! But imagine if a teacher did it. Now that’s embarrassing.

That awkward moment when you wrote last year’s date! Have you ever done it? Or seen your teacher do it? Lots of people have made the mistake!

This teacher takes it to a whole new level. After writing the wrong date, he’s left totally confused as to what year it is at all. Is it the Victorian era? The 80s? But after hard work and practise he finally comes to terms with the correct year.

Does his hard work pay off? Or will the same mistake again?

Watch the video to find out what happens. Go on, check it out now!

5 stages of the wrong date

New Year vibes!

It’s a New Year you are gonna smash this!

@hallmarkecards | Instagram

Flash from the past!

You wrote that date so many times last year it just slipped onto the page

ANGUSalive |


How did that happen???

@merriam-webster | Merriam-Webster


You can beat this mistake and you will


You got the right year. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again next year……


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