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Sturniolo Triplets: The Ultimate Matt Quiz

Is Matt your favourite Sturniolo triplet? Find out how much you really know about him with this epic influencer quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 11th 2022

Could he be the best Sturniolo Triplet? Maybe... but one thing's for sure - he's certainly the Mattliest! Test your knowledge of this hilarious internet star here! All you have to do is answer these 10 tricky questions! Ready to find out if you're a Matt Sturniolo mastermind? Let's do it!


Let's start off easy! Matt is short for... what?

@matthew.sturniolo | Instagram

Which one of these is correct?


Where does the name Sturniolo come from originally?

@Sturniolo Triplets | Youtube

Are Nick and Chris Matt's only siblings?


Matt was born on 1st August. What star sign is he?

@matthew.sturniolo | Instagram

What colour eyes does he have? Click to reveal!

@sturniolo triplets | Youtube

Finish the title of this video by the Sturniolo Triplets! "CHRIS AND NICK LEARN TO DRIVE...."


Matt (and his family) are from Boston. What state is Boston in?


Which of these things does Matt like to do every day?

@matthew.sturniolo | instagram

Matt is mostly... what?

@matthew.sturniolo | Instagram

Gulp! This is not a good result! Matt looks pretty disappointed. Booo. Never mind though - have another go and see if you can put a smile back on his face?

@matthew.sturniolo | Instagram

Pretty good! You do know a fair few things about Matt - but you could have scored a bit higher than this. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can do better the next time round!

@matthew.sturniolo | Instagram

Very nice! Almost a perfect score! You clearly know loads about Matt! Nicely done! You did miss out on a couple of right answers though - can you beat this score on a different Youtuber quiz? It's time to find out!

@matthew.sturniolo | Instagram

Wahooo! You're a Matt mastermind! You know more about Matt than... Matt does! Well done! Full marks. Now, can you get another 10/10 on a different Sturniolo Triplets quiz? We've got more where this one came from!