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Sturniolo Triplets: The Ultimate Nick Quiz!

We all know him, and we're all wondering if he might just be the best Sturniolo triplet! Find out how much you know about Nick with this epic influencer quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 23rd 2022

We all know the Sturniolo triplets' videos - but how much do you know about them personally? Well, this is your chance to prove you know Nick inside and out! So just answer these 10 quick questions and we'll let you know how you match up, from Nick noob to Sturniolo superfan!

Ready to try this Sturniolo Triplets Nick quiz? Let's get going, then!

@sturniolo.triplets | Instagram

So this quiz is all about Nick... but what are his brothers called?


Complete the name of his Tik Tok series. "Nick __"


Nick (and the others) are from Massachusetts. Whereabouts is that?

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Which of these things is Nick especially good at?

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Nick's personality is... what?

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What star sign is Nick? Hint - he was born at the start of August!

@Sturniolo Triplets | Youtube

In their video "is a hotdog a sandwich", what does Nick do while the others are arguing?


Which of these things does Nick like more?

@Sturniolo.Triplets | instagram

Some people have called him... what?

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Nick has more piercings than the other two brothers. True or false?

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Uh oh! Hmmm. Are you sure you're on the right quiz? This is the one about Nicolas Sturniolo. You know that, right? Ah, never mind - have another go if you want to try and improve your score. Or just try a different one! Good luck!

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Not bad... could be worse! But could also be a little tiny bit better. Do you want to have another go and see if you can get a higher score? And if you don't fancy it you can always try a different Youtuber quiz. We've got loads!

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Good job! Some of these questions were tricky, and you did really well! You didn't quite manage to get full marks, but don't worry - there are plenty more Youtuber quizzes for you to try out!

@nicolassturniolo | instagram

Wahoo! High score! Full marks - you really know your stuff! Nick would be proud... just look how pleased he looks! Fancy trying another Youtuber quiz to see if you can get 10/10 again? Let's go!